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Winter Activities

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides in Flathead Valley and Kalispell MT BnB

Horse Buggy Carriage and Sleigh Rides in Montana Kalispell Area >Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides in Flathead Valley Montana

Sleigh Rides

If you visit us in the wintertime, you might say, like a recent guest did, "I feel like I have entered the Christmas card!"

We get a lot of snow here at the ranch. We also seem to get a lot more sunshine in winter than down in the valley. This is perfect for outdoor activities that involve snow and horses.

In days gone by, we have read, snow was never considered an impediment to speedy travel but rather an asset. This was because their roads were not scraped, graveled, and salted by machines like our modern day snow plows. Their roads were kept in tip top shape for travelers by grooming them with various horse drawn snow packers, etc. The goal was so a horse drawn sleigh could move easily with speed. A road that was rocky and bumpy in summer could be a super highway in winter for the pioneer family.

Last year we built our first snow packing wheel and it worked! This year we will run an improved model!

Riding in a horse drawn sleigh or bobsled, on an excellent snowy track, through branches covered in snow and total unspoiled beauty is an amazing experience! The horses fresh and eager to go, and we bundled up in blankets to stay warm.

No wonder they sing of dashing through the snow, it is just too fun, too beautiful, too memorable an experience to miss. We also have a good sledding hill and horse drawn tow available. Our groomed trails are great for cross country skiing too!

Winter at the ranch we have the fires going, including the kitchen cookstove for our meals. Come play in the snow and get warm again, and be nourished by the food, fun, and beauty.

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